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"I've learned the skills to run a business, not just a hobby and bring a lot of personal training clients my way"  
Steven Allison, Personal Trainer, Boston, USA

From: Simon Lovell
San Diego, California

Dear Personal Trainer


If you’ve been training clients for any length of time you’ll know what accelerates their growth. Action.

It’s time to step up your game. Because things are changing and we all need to keep up!

Your business is a direct reflection of you as a leader and without powerful knowledge and without action, you stay the same. Staying the same or not growing to your full capacity SUCKS!

Having the training skills but not matching it with the business skills is the #1 biggest mistake of most fitness professionals.

My challenge to you is this. How many more people are you letting down who need your help because you didn't take the time to learn and ACTION key business strategies.

I’ve been working with fitness professions now for many years and a few of the biggest frustrations are:

  •  Lack of clients
  •  Low business knowledge
  •  No systems
  •  Not enough time
  •  Lack of business confidence
  •  Fear of what others think
  •  Zero team / help (doing everything themselves)

At the heart of the challenge of growing a fitness business for most is not ability, but lack of information and lack of the application of that information.

Maybe you’ve got your certifications, you continue to find better ways of becoming a better trainer, but  if you don’t develop your business, sales, marketing skills, you’ll be left behind.  

The impact of that is fewer lives changed and I KNOW that you went into this industry to help people create a better life for themselves...

Are you ready to change and invest in yourself?

What’s your goal for the next 12 months?

Do you want it to be like the previous 12 months or do you want to grow in a way that is beyond what you thought possible?

If it is then you need to start doing things differently and stretching yourself to learn a new set of skills that most personal trainers will never have.

This includes in the areas of….

Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Social Media, Outsourcing, 
Books, Presenting Skills, Lead Generation, Public Relations,
Webinars, Copywriting, Email Marketing & more...

The list goes on.

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase "Knowledge is Power', and if you want to have powerful results this year, if you want to help more lives and hear those words ‘you changed my life’... now is the time.

I want to tell you a little powerful story that changed my whole business...

Back in 2005 I qualified as a personal trainer and started my career at a gym in Exeter, UK.

I was training my clients and one of them called Wendy said: 

“Simon, do you have a nutrition plan I could follow”.

So I put together a 3 page document that I gave to her and a few other clients.

I went on to create a 13 page ebook called The Lunch Box  Diet which got picked up by Elle Magazine in the UK and they called it ‘the best diet ever 5/5).

This turned into a $150,000 deal with Harper Collins (you’ll learn how i did this in the University). 

So I have AMAZING news for you…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re JUST about to qualify as a personal trainer, whether you’re in a
full time job wanting to ‘jump ship’, if you’re working out of a big box gym or have finally moved into your new studio / facility (well done)...

You can create an AMAZING fitness business, once you start to learn the secrets, the proven strategies and tools that I used personally to become an AUTHORITY not only locally but nationally, and internationally. 

I didn’t have any special certifications beyond my main qualification, but I got results, I cared and I wanted to help people.

Just like you!

So if I was able to reach the level of success and be on the cover of magazines, and reach local  and national TV, radio. You can to!

So here’s what I did…

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ll get this frustration, which is having a lot of
knowledge, but you haven’t ‘dumped it out’.

This is painful, and it was for me!

So one day, I was walking around my home with my King Charles puppy Buddha (he's very cool and fun!) and I thought to myself, why not finally get everything out of my head.

So I sat down and started to mind-map and write down all of the areas I had expertise in

The list started and then went on, and on, and on.

All from areas that not only have i generated income in, but created massive impact with.

You see, the true key to fulfillment is helping others, and the truth is, i was keeping all of this knowledge inside of me.

Until now… 

So here’s all of the sections I came up with…

Currently 112 Videos, Over 8 1/2 Hours Of Content & Growing Weekly
24/7 access and you can even submit a training request! 

In a nutshell, it’s my knowledge on proven strategies, tactical moves, tips and secrets to obtaining
more clients and winning in the fitness industry so you don’t have to struggle, and if you’re already succeeding, take yourslelf to the next level.

Let me be clear about something...

I hate FLUFF.

Have you ever read a book and then afterwards thought to yourself…

“All i needed to know was these few things and i would have been good!”.

That’s why in the Fitpreneurs Business University, i’ve created short, ACTIONABLE videos which you can implement immediately.

What i’ve learned in business over the years is that in order to be THE BEST, you must learn a wide selection of skills to help and impact more people.

Then, if you need a new client you can attract one, but if you don’t have the knowledge on how to, you’ll always struggle.

So you will get access to a literal online library of videos & worksheets to go through. 

This will start to, over time, create a massive compound effect on your ability to sign up more and more clients instead of worrying how you will do it.

Imagine that in any moment, if you needed to, you could simply log-in and learn a new powerful
strategy to get more clients and grow your business.

What would it be like if now you had access to the information, knowledge and tips to make a huge shift in your business this year so you create authority, build trust, obtain more clients, get better at selling, and make your business fun!

You won’t find anything in the University that doesn’t work, everything has proven to work, multiple times in a variety of businesses. 

So whether you’re doing 1-1, semi-private, bootcamps, crossfit or even want to fill classes, the knowledge you’ll learn will give you the edge.

  • When To Ask - Discover the best times to ask for testimonials for your business.
  • The Formula - When you ask for testimonials you'll need to ask for 3 things.
  • How To Leverage - Where to distribute your testimonials for maximum impact.
  • Plus much much more.
  • How To Use Video - The best ways to leverage video in your business to get more clients.
  • Equipment - What to use whether you have $100 or a $10,000 budget.
  • Distribution - How to get your videos out there to maximize your impact and get more clients
  • Plus much much more.
  •  Get In The Media - Learn how to get into newspapers, TV, radio.
  • The Approach - How should you approach journalists to get covered in magazines.
  • Press Releases - Learn how to structure a press release that gets you attention.
  • Plus much much more.
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Do i get lifetime access?
Yes, you will get lifetime access to the Fitpreneurs Business University.
How much content is there?
There is hours and hours of content in the University. Each topic has multiple content videos, but we are adding new content all the time. The videos are quick to consume and actionable.
What makes this different?
We have cut out the fluff and given you the best bits so you can quickly consume and act on the information to get results.
Is this right for my business?
The University will help you grow your personal training / studio / online business whether you are new or if you've been in the industry for 10+ years.
Will it work for me?
100% if you take action. The information provided is proven and works for our high end clients so it will work for you too!
When will I get access?
As soon as you make your purchase you will get access to the first trainings immediately.
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