Dear Personal Trainer / Nutrition / Transformation Expert,

Are you ready to strengthen your sales skills to close big transformational packages so that your clients get better results?

Are you fed up of 1-2 sessions per week, selling blocks of time and undercharging when you know you AND the client needs more?

If you’ve reached this page then you know that you need to improve on sales in your fitness business and even if you’re amazing at selling, you can ALWAYS get better and there’s always a next level.

The most successful personal trainers on the planet are great at what they do AND great at selling themselves. 

Whether you like it or not, you have to be kickass in sales, or your business won’t grow and you won’t be able to change as many lives as you would like.

Those who are generating $100,000 or more in their fitness business have mastered sales and they are following a proven process. What’s more they are super confident and have a certain mindset around sales and selling.

The great news is, you can get there too, if you’re willing to put the work in. If you decide not to, you will stay in the same financial position for years, and continue being frustrated seeing others get to the next level.

Are you ready for a whole new outcome in your business?

Do you want to get to the top of the financial and freedom ladder?

When did you decide not to be the best?

There's good news... you're about to get the fast track...

While lead generation IS important, if you’re leading people into a poor sales process, you will lose hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars over time.

Sadly so many personal trainers and health professionals have negative associations with sales and therefore miss out on creating the life they want, not just for themselves but for the people they could be helping.
Are these some of
your frustrations?
Constantly hear, ‘i’ll get back to you’, i’ll speak to my partner and ‘it’s too expensive’.
Frustrated with not being able to confidently sell yourself and your service?
Keep on feeling rejected and feeling low?
Feel like you’re being hugely underpaid?
Can’t seem to close clients even though you want to help change people's lives?
Get stressed that you're wasting leads?
Confidence keeps on getting knocked down?
Can't seem to handle your pricing?
Constantly feel that ‘i could have helped this person’ but they left, having not made an investment
If So, There’s good news
In Sales Mastery I will let you behind the scenes on my proven Transformational Selling System (TSS), that has been responsible for millions of dollars in personal training and nutrition sales.
Plus for the first time, I will be taking you on an advanced and intensive 6 week-training where we will deep-dive into sales so you understand it, are confident at it and you come out with embodying a completely new mindset and strategy around sales. 
The most important week of all is week one, as I will help you understand how to change the way you think around sales, selling and shift your whole perspective around charging what you are worth.
  • How to confidently
  • increase your prices
  • What you were taught at 
  • PT school vs the truth about 
  • your capabilities
  •  What are the beliefs you need
  •  to be able to charge what 
  • you’re worth
  •  How to rewire past conditioning
  • around money
  •  How to set sales targets 
  • that boost your confidence
  • How to use meditation to help
  • your sales and closing
  • How to master your mind
  • before a call 
  •  he simple formula and
  • checklist to come out of a
  • sales slump
  •  How to rewire past conditioning
  • around money
  •  How to understand the true
  • value of what you sell
This is where you will learn the system that has helped my clients generate millions through my developed TSS process. Not only will you make more money, you will also get more committed clients and change more lives.
  • How to confidently
  • increase your prices
  • How to never use a ‘consultation’
  • again
  •  The Proven Millions TSS Formula
  • to help you sell big packages
  •  How to price and position
  •   yourself differently from the
  • competition
  •  The Pre-TSS checklist
  •  The TSS Application Process
  • The TSS Sales Script
  • The ‘Top 10 Criteria List’
  • How to generate rapport
  • within 30 seconds
  •  How to sell an outcome
  • effectively
  •  How to present your kickass 
  • offer
  • How to frame your conversation 
  • for success

Do you get frustrated when you are unable to handle some objections when you know you can help change someone’s life? This training will help you shift your perspective on objections and help you get more clients.
  • Learn why objections come up
  • in your conversations
  • Why are objections really
  • important in sales
  •  The biggest mistakes MOST
  • fitness professionals make in
  • the close
  •  The ‘Think About It’ Close
  • The ‘Talk to My Partner’ Close
  • The ‘Too Much Money’ Close
  •  What to do if someone says
  • they don’t have their credit 
  • card

This week we will will help you to fine tune your sales process all the way from a lead enquiring through to post-sale. This will save you a lot of money and stress, it’s all about the system you have in place.
  • How to transist a prospect into
  •   a session or phone call
  • How to use scheduling, email and
  • text and video to boost show up
  •  How to rapidly reduce no shows
  • How to avoid buyer’s remorse
  •  5 simple steps to reduce refunds
  •  What to do if you get asked for a
  • refund
  •  Ultimate follow up secrets
  • Transitioning clients from per
  • session and blocks to packages
  • How to define that perfect fit
  • for your program
  •  How to get clients to reinvest
  •   after a 12 week program 
We will be spending an entire session going over the BIG mistakes that you are most likely making during your conversations and how to tackle them. Here’s just a small selection on what will be covered.
  • How to avoid overselling
  • yourself
  • How to overcome being ‘too pushy’ 
  • The secret of active listening
  • How to get back rapport once
  • it’s lost
  • Asking for the sale mistakes
  •  How to understand the
  • emotional wave for follow up
There will come a point when you need to think about hiring some help in your fitness business and that’s why we’ve dedicated a training that will help you scale your team.
  • How to know the right time to
  • bring in someone to sell for you
  • How to hire a great salesperson
  •  How to compensate and bonus
  • your team
  •  How to structure weekly sales
  • meetings
  • How to keep your sales team
  • motivated
  • How to track and measure
  • your sales team
  •  Software and tools to use to
  • track progress
TOTAL VALUE - $4,241
HUGE Return On Investment... 1-2 Package Sales & It's Paid For!
You are NOW making the decision to BE THE BEST OF THE BEST!
Do i get lifetime access?
Yes, you will get lifetime access to the Sales Mastery
What if i'm already good at sales?
This training will help you take your sales game to a whole new level, you should still invest in this training as it will be covering advanced strategies.
Will this help my online business?
Yes, I will also be teaching strategies that you can use over the phone to sell fitness / nutrition packages.
What if i live in a low income area?
You will learn during this training how to maximize your sales whatever area you live in.
What if I can't attend live?
The six week workshop will be recorded, so you will get access to the recordings.
When will I get access?
You will get access to the trainings as they go live, then the recordings.